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2020 Interviews

During the beginning of the lockdowns, Tom interviewed a few friends from the healthcare and sustainability business. Here are the conversations.

We were grateful to be joined by @jane_dunlop , a New Zealander who lives on the island of Simeulue in Indonesia with her family. Jane is one of the most passionate, enthusiastic and inspiring people, with her constant vision, movement and influence on the environment and sustainable business. She has a huge wealth of knowledge and experience in ecology.

Jane has “co-founded a collective of organisations that bring all pillars of sustainability – social, environmental, economic – together in the Simeulue & Bangkaru Landscapes, Sumatra Indonesia”

Some of these organisations include @aluan.coconut a sustainable and 100% certified organic coconut oil business and @mahimahisurfresort an ecologically minded surf resort in Simeulue.

Dr Tom is one of Europe’s most exciting and dynamic Chiropractors with a purpose to inspire, educate and serve. He is the host of the Dr Tom Show and founder of the Finding You project. He is also the past vice president of the United Chiropractic Association, a regular guest expert on radio and an international speaker and property investor.

Tom was able to catch up with long-term friend, colleague and fellow Chiropractor Vismai Schonfelder who is currently based in Singapore. The topic of their discussion was based around what could happen after Covid-19, and what could people do right now during this time of reflection, to keep healthy, build on relationships plus a lot more.

We were really excited to be joined by Mandy Bonhomme, who could be regarded as the ‘Queen’ of gut health, with her digestive wellness courses leading the way to “rebooting your digestive system, whilst upgrading your health”

Mandy has over 25 years of experience in the health industry and in that time she co-founded Bonhealth with her husband Martin. Together they have been supporting people to make changes in their health: including nutritional and gut health support, personal training and retraining habits and goals.

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