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The benefits of regular Chiropractic on our bodies

Spatial Awareness

1) Our brain and body learn spatial awareness from a very young age. When we are developing from a baby, our brain learns how to move and to avoid obstacles in the way. Muscle spindles are tiny stretch sensors found inside the muscles. They are known as the ‘eyes of the muscle’. These spindles play a huge role in our brains ability to understand where we are and how to move our muscles correctly.

2) A study found that there are a high number of muscle spindles in the upper neck. Scientists have proposed that the role of the upper neck muscles act as priority sensors to the whole body, not just the movement of the head and neck.

3) Clients who bring their babies to get checked notice improvements in their babies develop-mental stages of spatial awareness, crawling and walking. Although the baby may have originally come in for colic like symptoms, the free flowing movement of the upper neck could help in development growth.

Muscle control

1) Your brain sends messages to the muscles in order to contract and relax when needed.Your brain also understands that you cannot bend and straighten your leg muscles at the same time. However sometimes if pathways in the brain are blocked by the nerves running from the muscles to the brain, it gets it wrong and you end up with a stiff leg.

2) At Human Health we carry out adjustments to improve brain function. We do this through finding and correcting areas of your body that are not working as efficiently as they could be.

3) Clients are surprised when we find areas of their body that are not working well. This could be an area of the body that originally was not showing any symptoms. They tell us that after a number of adjustments over a period of time they notice improvements such as feeling taller, walking better and improved overall comfort.


1) Did you know that a single session of Chiropractic care can alter how your brain processes information. Having an adjustment can also put our body into a relaxed state almost instantly.

2) At Human Health we believe that every adjustment given can begin to make positive changes to your body, not just for the symptoms you may be showing but also how your brain and body talk to each other.

3) Some of our clients notice that after their adjustments they feel ‘reconnected’ and that things are beginning to work better and function as it should be. This is exactly what is happening, your brain and body are talking to each other without anything disrupting that communication.


1) Our brain needs to be functioning well for it to pick up sensory information correctly allowing us to control our balance properly. Some people who find stepping tricky are more likely to experience a fall because they will find it harder to respond to the unexpected challenge to their balance.

2) At Human Health we can show you, using a series of tests, one in particular called the ‘zombie test’ where we ask you to close your eyes and walk on the spot whilst swaying your arms. Some people open their eyes and realise they are in a different position of the room and facing the opposite side to how they started.

3) Our clients are fascinated at how this test can show if your brain and body are talking to each other correctly, especially when a sensory input is temporarily blocked.


From ‘The Reality Check’ by Dr Heidi Haavik

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