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Welcome to Human Health, a human-centric team of Jersey Chiropractors based in St. Peter. We focus on supporting our local Jersey community to heal, recover and thrive whilst experiencing the quality of life and health we are designed to live as human beings.

We integrate a blend of Chiropractic care, Craniosacral therapy and Functional health within our health centre. Whilst offering a friendly, comprehensive and individualised service in a warm, relaxed and modern environment.

Are you ready to create change in your world?

Our team at Human Health Chiropractic Jersey believe that every human has the potential to experience health and wellbeing from the inside and out.

A holistic and natural approach to your health.

Reconnecting our local Jersey community to a natural and sustainable lifestyle through functional health and chiropractic care in St. Peter. One human at a time.

We nurture the individual potential within each human at our wellness centre.

Helping our clients create alignment in their health and life through natural and holistic healing. 

Achieving lasting health

By working with your central nervous system, we facilitate the removal of issues which interfere with your natural ability to create ease, balance, health and energy for life. Your body naturally shuts down the pain response during this process as your body’s healing progresses.

Natural healing often takes slightly longer than strong pharmaceutical drugs. For example, pain killers suppress pain symptoms like back pain or knee pain in the short term but do not treat the root cause of problems or support long-term pain relief.

Our natural, warm and personalised service prevents further degeneration of your body and promotes optimal health.

Stories from two wonderful humans at our practice.

Aleisha’s journey into motherhood

Amazing mother Aleisha initially visited our chiropractic clinic experiencing back pain symptoms whilst breastfeeding.

Watch to hear how chiropractic care helped support Alysha and her son Rory through their post-partum journey together.

Rumi’s neck pain

Energetic Rumi visited the chiropractic clinic suffering from neck pain and migraines caused by nerve compression.

After our founding Jersey chiropractor Tom Faulkner helped to address the root cause of his neck pain and migraines, Rumi was able to find relief and return to being an active kid again.

Our approach to chiropractic care

Our approach is designed for health-conscious humans in Jersey looking for a personalised wellbeing service and hands-on care through chiropractic support.

The root cause

Starting with uncovering the root cause of your body’s physical symptoms, we take our clients on a unique health-promoting journey of discovery. Providing a framework of care at our chiropractic clinic that allows the whole family to thrive through life.

What does a chiropractor do?

We understand chiropractic often comes with misperceptions. Our unique wellness centre blends the most effective techniques in a gentle, pain free and individualised manner to ensure you get the most effective health support, results and rehabilitation.

Read more about chiropractic at our health centre

Chiropractors identify specific areas of issue or injury in your body and health that may cause your pain, health issues, or lack of performance during a visit to a chiropractic clinic.

As an active chiropractic clinic, our practitioners in Jersey use safe and specific chiropractic techniques to address, treat and allow your body to rely on its natural intelligence. Chiropractic care focuses on your whole body, spinal joints, and nervous system.

By removing nerve compression and abnormal alignment within your spine and whole body, chiropractic allows free communication throughout your nervous system. Chiropractic support has a compound effect on our overall rehabilitation, health and vitality.

Humans of all ages can benefit from chiropractic. From babies, children, women and the elderly. Be it a tear in a group of muscles or restoring function and walking. Chiropractic helps with the function and management of your overall health.

At our multi discipline chiropractic centre, our Jersey chiropractors create a holistic framework and health journey for every one of our clients. This, in turn, helps to create balance, heal, remove stress, increase energy, remove pain, move with ease and fulfil our daily and weekly lives.

As one of Jersey’s longest established clinics, we choose to use specific language to reframe the concepts of symptoms. We refrain from conversations about spinal manipulation, chiropractic treatment and chiropractic manipulation within the practice.

Having a relentless focus on joints to address and treat symptoms like sciatica and plantar fasciitis is not at the core of our philosophy. This terminology is common within the chiropractic space but is only a small part of how our practitioners work within our dynamic health centre.

We use a range of light-touch techniques during each appointment at the clinic. These techniques both look for and address dysfunction within the body.

Working with both children and adults, we aim to help the whole family to discover incredible health. During each consultation and each following chiropractic session, we aim to discuss and then address the root cause of your health. Helping you to achieve a broad picture of health by focussing on your diet, lifestyle and hands on care.

Our natural approach to care has benefits far beyond spinal manipulation and chiropractic manipulation. Using our unique framework of care during each appointment, our treatment can ensure lasting impact and benefits on our clients’ lives and health.

We help humans to re-align and heal both their health and the planet.

We are committed to:

  1. A simple, clean and sustainable business model and supply chain.
  2. Ensuring we protect nature and do no harm.

We support:

Ecosystem Impact

Ecosystem Impact are creating a replicable model of what is possible in order to heal our planet. They are on a mission to protect the Bangkaru and Simeulue Islands of Sumatra in Indonesia.

The islands have global significance for their biodiversity and offer one of the last refuges and nesting sites for critically endangered sea turtles as well as several of the world’s rarest bird species.

Ecosystem Impact hopes to share a solutions-based model for sustainability with the world.

The Scotland College of Chiropractic Charitable Trust

The Scotland College of Chiropractic Charitable Trust has been set up to drive forward the development of a new chiropractic undergraduate degree programme in Scotland.

The College is being developed with a clear mission to teach the science, art and philosophy of chiropractic treatment in a contemporary healthcare context.

Stories from happy humans at our Jersey chiropractic health centre.

Tom. That man is a genius. His warmth, his wit, his wisdom, and his intuition all guide his chiropractic work in a way which means I leave in better shape than I arrived every single time. 

Gary Burgess

I have seen both Tom and Tacy for adjustments. I always leave feeling so much better. Would definitely recommend this practice.

Zoe Rive

I couldn’t recommend these guys more! I’ve been seeing Tom for Chiropractic sessions for over a year now. The whole team are so welcoming and open.

Laura Prouse

Tom Faulkner will change your life. He is one of the very few gifted people in the world that have the ability to heal the human body.

Matt Porteous

Read more stories of transformation from our community.

Let’s create change

Human Health, your local chiropractor in Jersey.