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Our ultimate guide: Healthy things to do in Jersey

As the saying goes, an ounce of prevention is worth a pound of cure. And that’s especially true when it comes to your health! 

In this blog post, we’ll give you some tips and tricks on how to stay healthy while enjoying all that Jersey has to offer. 

From the best beaches for a swim to the freshest seafood restaurants in town, the Human Health team have got you covered with this ultimate guide on all the many healthy things there are to do in Jersey.

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Places to eat

Nude Food

Looking for beach hut vibes, cozy on a cold day, fresh on a hot? Nude Food is the place to be. Whether you’re feeling town centre or beach hut with an epic view, Nude is a great spot to get your belly rumbling for fresh food that is easy on the taste buds and delicious juices and smoothies to boot. 

Potato Shack

The Potato Shack in Jersey is an idyllic farm-to-table style restaurant located in the heart of the agricultural landscape in St. John. Not only does it boast gorgeous granite interiors, but it also serves up some of the freshest, locally sourced dishes and ingredients available. From exotic french toast to a hearty granola bowl to arguably one of the best coffees on the island. The Potato Shack is well worth a little drive up to St. John.


All that being said, sometimes you just need a delicious, organic, locally sourced meal from the comfort of your own home. Elke and the team from Flavour have you covered! Order and pick up lunch or dinner or a whole weekend’s worth of lively and comforting meals. Look out for the occasional week-long offerings of organic food and juice cleanses to kick-start your gut health.  

Faulkner Fisheries

During the warmer months, we highly recommend grabbing yourself a bench outside at Faulkner Fisheries bunker overlooking the expansive St. Ouen’s Bay and order yourself the most deliciously fresh, barbecued catches of the day. A feast for the eyes, stomach and soul. Bonus plug alert, salty owner Sean happens to be Tom’s favourite uncle!

Yoga and retreats


Hotpod in St Helier is a great way to ease yourself into or out a long day. Stepping into the pod is like stepping into a portal of relaxation. The dimmed lights, gentle essential oils in the air and the welcomed warmth to help elongate all those tight muscles. We guarantee you’ll reemerge a new human after a session with one of the brilliant yoga instructors. 

If you’re more inclined toward wide open spaces, join Bunker Yoga or The Island Yoga Project where you can breathe in the sea air and take in the island ocean views whilst bringing your body and mind into alignment. If you’re looking for more of an edge to your practice, you can always try paddle board yoga with Kula Yoga. Be prepared to have a laugh with this one!

Drift retreats

Drift retreats hold space at Kempt Tower, focusing on bringing you back to nature with yoga, ocean dips and surfing and super healthy feasts. These retreats are the collaboration of brilliant minds, really showing how we can come together and better our communities. 

Sound baths

Now, this is a treat for the soul. If you haven’t tried a sound bath yet, you need to. Do not fear, no change of clothes is necessary here. The vibration of the instruments is what you will be bathing in! This is a real ‘call to home’ feeling, deep relaxation and letting go of stagnant energy in the body by allowing the sound to reorganise and restructure your body’s cells. Allowing them to vibrate in coherence with one another and so promotes greater health. We can highly recommend Georgie at Francis Le Sueur national park and Human Health Centre as well as Claire Bradbury’s Gong bath at St Ouen’s parish hall.


Run by power couple Russ and Dana, Revitalice offer a range of activities packed into one full energy day. From yoga to Qi gong, ice baths and Wim Hoff workshops. They finish the day with a healthy feast. The experience really brings you a deep sense of clarity and vitality.

Health food and whole food stores

SCOOP is our go-to for organic, plastic-free, local produce. From fresh foods to toxin-free cosmetics and a delicious meal cooked once per week for pickup. They run the SCOOP school, an initiative that educates kids in the importance of sustainable farming and conservation cooking whilst establishing a connection to the land. So worth a visit!

Both 100% Health Store and The Kitchen Cupboard in St. Helier are a treasure trove of healthier, packaged food and cosmetic options. Here you’ll find all sorts of alternatives to sugar, wheat, dairy and more. Not to mention the apothecary of supplements 100% Health has to offer if you’re needing a wee vitamin and mineral boost!


With so many great walking options around our rugged island, this list could go on for pages and pages. But, to save your reading, here are our top few:

  • Portlet Common
  • The Beauport to Corbiere loop. This walk starts at the railway track, down to Corbiere, then to Beauport and down to finish on Brelades bay for a smoothie at Solshine / Shells.
  • The Batterie Moltke walk at L’Etacq
  • Bouley Bay to White Rock

Our favourite of this list is a long walk along the length of. St Ouens Bay, the longest stretch of sand on the island. A great day’s activity starts at the southern end of La Pulente and walks the bay’s whole stretch. This walk ends in the north, and if you time your walk well, you can grab some healthy local seafood for lunch from Faulkner Fisheries. A Fishery built inside an old WW2 bunker.


Our favourite swims that offer a very raw dip in the sea are:

Other activities:


Fancy something creative and skilled? How about ‘throwing’ at the potter’s wheel with Shelley at Land and Moon Ceramics or soldering your very own jewellery with Victoria Liddell.


There you have it! These are just a few tips on how to stay healthy while enjoying all that Jersey has to offer. So get out there and enjoy the sunshine, fresh seafood and all the healthy things that Jersey has to offer! Your body will thank you for it later.

We would love to hear from you. What are your favourite things to do on our island? Pop them in the comments section below.

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