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I’ve got 99 problems but my pain ain’t one!

Have you ever ended up in pain for no apparent reason? Pain that just appeared one day?

The body is amazing in how it can manage and control millions of pieces of information that your body senses at any given moment. The brain decides whether or not a certain piece of information needs to be brought to your attention. For instance, if you are looking for a new car and you have made up your mind about the brand and the model, you will start noticing that all of a sudden everyone seems to be driving that car. Energy flows where your attention goes.

So we can say that information that is important to you right now, can be brought into your conscious mind. Information that is not as relevant will be kept in the background or the subconscious mind. So it is not that all of a sudden there are no other cars in your city, you just pay more attention to the one model, as it is of importance to you.

Now how does that relate to your pain I hear you ask? This same principle is true for any other sensory information from our body. The majority of information is dealt with in the background and only on demand will you sense consciously. The feeling of clothes on your skin, the aching muscle that only hurts when moving, the sound of the air conditioning at work that is usually more annoying when we are stressed are only a few examples of information that your body is very selective about.

Unless you actively shift your attention to it or your body needs to let you know to protect you, you don’t have to be consciously aware of them at all times.

That means that poor sleep, awkward postures, repetitive movements, wrong lifting, negative self-talk and minor accidents have to be dealt with in the background through adaptation and compensation, until your body reaches its capacity of what you can compensate for. Feeling pain is your bodies way of saying “It’s enough! something has to change.”

Chiropractic isn’t here to make you feel better, it is here to make you FEEL. It is here to put you back in alignment with your body so you can experience more life per moment.

Pain is not a problem. It means that you are alive, it means that something needs to change but there is still hope.

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