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Are chiropractors regulated in the UK and Jersey?

In the United Kingdom and Jersey (Channel Islands), numerous health care professions are regulated by law. 

This ensures that patients receive a certain level of care and treatment from trained and qualified practitioners. 

But what about chiropractors? Are they also regulated in the UK and on our island Jersey? 

Let’s find out!

Are Chiropractors regulated in the uk?

Yes, chiropractors are indeed regulated in the United Kingdom! 

The Chiropractic Act 1994 established the General Chiropractic Council (GCC) as the profession’s regulator back in 1994. 

The GCC ensures that all chiropractors in the UK maintain high standards of education, training, and professional conduct. They also approve and regulate all of the UK’s chiropractic training and education centres.

All chiropractors in the UK must be registered with the GCC in order to practise. And a chiropractor must hold a recognised qualification from a GCC-accredited institution to be eligible for registration. 

Are Chiropractors regulated in Jersey?

In Jersey, Chiropractors don’t have the same governing body as in the UK as we are outside the GCC’s jurisdiction. Instead, we are regulated by the Jersey Public Health Department.

​​​​The Jersey Public Health team exists to help understand the various health professions offered in Jersey and improve islanders’ health. They form a section of a larger unit at the Health and Social Services Department (HSSD).​

Where do chiropractors study?

To be registered with the GCC or Jersey Public Health Department, chiropractors must complete an accredited degree programme that leads to a Doctor of Chiropractic degree (DC). 

Once they have graduated, all prospective chiropractors must then pass a series of technical examinations set by the GCC before they can be added to the register. 

A couple of the approved universities in the UK where chiropractors can study to become qualified registered chiropractors are the Anglo-European College of Chiropractic and the McTimoney College of Chiropractic

Once registered, all chiropractors must comply with the GCC’s and Jersey Public Health Department’s standards of practice and code of ethics. These requirements exist to protect patients and ensure they receive safe and effective treatment.

Failure to abide by these standards can result in disciplinary action by the GCC or Jersey Public Health Department. Which can result in removal from their registers. 

To conclude

So there you have it! Chiropractors in both the United Kingdom and Jersey are indeed regulated by law. 

If you’re considering seeing a chiropractor, be sure to check that they are registered with the GCC, and if you are in Jersey, then the Jersey Public Health Department. 

This will ensure you receive safe and effective treatment from a qualified practitioner.

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