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Measures Human Health are taking during this Corona Virus outbreak


We are committed to looking after all members of our community, whether in recovery or for proactive wellbeing care. 

As such, we will be continuing our appointment schedule as normal. However, we’re making the following important requests to ensure that we all protect ourselves from passing on anything to those most at risk:

Before attending your appointment 

– If you have travelled back to the island and feel in anyway ‘out of sorts’, please do not come in for your appointment. Just email or phone to let us know. 

– If you feel ‘out of sorts’ (any symptoms of a cold, chest infection, temperature) please do not come in for your appointment. 

 On attending your appointment

– On arriving to Human Health please clean your hands with a wipe , or wash them with soap and hot water (antiseptic wipes provided and there are toilets to wash your hands in the corridor and in the practice kitchenette). 

– Whilst we are a very friendly bunch that loves physical touch, at this time we will refrain and keep it to a meet and greet verbally and a wink. 

–  To ensure the smooth and safe process of your visit, when you are shown into a ‘bay’ to be seen by a Chiropractor, please put your phone on silent, take off your jewellery, take your shoes off and take a lay on your back in a comfortable position and relax before you are seen. If laying on your back is too painful please ensure you are ready and take a seat on the bench. 

 Rest assured we have very proficient cleaning procedures which we have enhanced throughout our day and week and between each patient in the bays and on the benches. 


 Education is very important to understand how to remain calm and look after yourself and those you love through the chapter we are passing through. We will continue to update you with some very useful and interesting info relating to COVID-19 and your immune system this week. 

 We are keeping a very close eye on governmental updates and procedures to follow, for both healthcare and business function, and will immediately update you with any relevant information which relates to your care and wellbeing at Human Health. 

 Whilst 99.9% of us are currently well and healthy, we are sending our best wishes to all of you through any disruption this situation may cause you, from travel to wellbeing. Please do ensure anyone you know that is at risk is well looked after and getting fresh air, a wholesome fresh diet low in sugar and toxins and is supplementing Vitamin C and D to the previously suggested dosages (this goes for all ages). If you have any concerns or would like any further information to help, please do not hesitate to contact a member of our team. 

 We are here to help, 


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