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The first in our working from home series – This one is all to do with posture!

Session 1 – Posture

Did you know that:

 For every inch you push your chin forward, you effectively increase the weight of your head by 3 times.  So, if an average head weighs 5 kgs, you are effectively carrying 15kgs by jutting your head forward one inch. 


 It’s very important to be comfortable at your work station, while sitting in a position that gives you enough space to see your screen without putting too much pressure on your spine.

Make sure your screen is at eye level, right in front of you.  Use a standing desk adjuster or some bulky books to lift your laptop into the correct position. 

Your arms should be at 90 degrees to the upper arm and flexing, so that your arms don’t tire. 

Ensure that your screen or iPad isn’t too close, but that you are not too far away. You want to avoid moving your chin forward as mentioned above, 

 Your back should be straight and your feet firmly on the ground. Dangling your feet from a stool will not help your posture.

Standing and sitting:

We know that sitting isn’t good for us, especially for long hours without breaks. 

 For many people the idea of varying their working position between sitting and standing  works well. Maybe you could try 90 minutes sitting, followed by a 10 minute break, before 90 minutes standing.

 Remember to move your laptop when you change from standing to sitting, so that the same set up rules apply.

Regular breaks and movement:

We recommend a minimum 10-minute break per 90-minute work session.  (90 mins seems a long time. My Fitbit prompts me to move ever hour)

When taking a break use the time to walk around, drink at least one glass of filtered water and alleviate tension with an exercise. 

Visit our YouTube channel (link) for some inspiration.  Human Health Centre

Modified McGills Big 3 exercises are great spinal exercises to help stabilise, protect and maintain a positive structure to help you work from home.

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