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Mind-Body-Spine – They’re all connected

As humans we have one body, one brain, one heart, one spine and one life, yet how often do we live as if everything is separate?

It’s humbling to realise that we have sent humans to the moon and back and we can live in space but when it comes to the human body and brain we still don’t know everything.

Our healthcare system still waits for us to get sick before intervention is advised but all the research is showing that prevention is better than cure and quality of life is the aim of it all. Having said this who’s responsibility is it to make the shift?

At Human Health we strive to educate and practice in a way that demonstrates that we see the body as one whole system and take responsibility for it ourselves.

We see the brain as the master control system which uses the body to perceive our environment both externally and internally using the spinal cord and nerves as the communication pathways to receive and control all this information. 

All information below the skull has to travel into the spinal cord via the spinal joint to get fed back to the brain.

Our spine and pelvis have some of the highest density of nerve fibres in the whole body. When this becomes stressed it can affect the control the brain has of the body, because the quality of the feedback is not 100%.

A preventive  model of wellbeing on health is vital as it understands that, if we can keep the brains control of the body as close to 100% as possible the risk of injury and illness decreases. The brain can correctly and specifically control the necessary processes when it is receiving the right information.

Spinal health is part of the whole nervous system being healthy. So our goal at Human Health Chiropractic is to keep brain-body control at optimum, so the brain can perceive and adapt appropriately to its environment thus ensuring its feedback loops are as close to 100% as possible resulting in increased control and better quality of life. 

We all want a great quality of life whether we are 25, 55 or 95. The way we look after out brains control of our body is going to be one of the biggest factors in ensuring our quality of life is at its best. Our chiropractors are focused on this vital factor. 

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