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Dr Tom shares three top tips on how we can become more aware of the importance of our health and wellbeing.

Tune in 

In a world where 70% of adults in the UK are regularly taking painkillers and with children as young as 12 being diagnosed with chronic depression it makes it simple to see that right now, we humans are the sickest species on the planet in body and mind.

However when asked what’s most important to us in our lives, the most common answer is ‘to be happy and healthy’, so why the disparity in belief and reality?

The honest answer is that we believe we are too busy to check up, too tired to tune in and too distracted to zone out.

The quicker we can become further in tune to ourselves and respond to the some 400 billion bits of information being sent to our brains every second, we can create an acute awareness of our body and its functions to take action on the state of our health and seek advice, support and correction to unleash our fullest potentials.

Check Up

Most people wrongly believe that good health is a lack of symptoms such as pain and discomfort or diagnosis of disease and injury. Now they are not wrong as a lack of pain or being injury free does mean we can exercise with no issues and physically we may feel healthy.

However this lack of education is limiting our understanding of how to control and utilize the incredible body and mind we live in. 10 million work days were lost last year due to back pain in the UK alone and on the premise that thousands of signals travel to and from the brain every second via the spinal column, it is vital that we optimize this feedback to create a greater understanding and connection to our bodies and mind through regular check ups and chiropractic adjustments.

Zone out 

And by zone out I don’t mean into the couch potato society that is common within our 21st century world. On average a human will spend 5 years of their lives surfing the internet and 11 years watching the TV! Not only does holding these positions and postures for long periods of time have serious long term effects on your spinal column and posture its also incredibly distracting.

Instead create a bliss amongst the rapid action that’s occuring within and around you right now and ask yourself this;

what do I want to achieve in my life?

What makes living life special to me?

Am I limiting myself in body and mind from these successes?

Once you have uncovered that, begin to explore what healthy changes you can make for your body and mind and give yourself the space to make these changes into your life. We all deserve to be the best version of ourselves.

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