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The power of Chiropractic

While out surfing in Indonesia over Christmas 2017, on an island called Simeuleu I met a lovely family running a couple of businesses. They are doing fantastic things for both the planet and people locally – a truly amazing husband and wife team who are living their dream whilst constantly executing their next steps in developing sustainable and quality business, employment and ecological conservation (put briefly…)


They have 2 beautiful children: Ariana and Rumi. During a conversation over dinner, I explained the truth of how Chiropractic care benefits our quality of life through optimising the brain body relationship and how it’s relevant and safe for any age and walk of life. With a travelling friend, Neil, who is also a Chiropractor, we began to assess and adjust Jane and Luke, their family, employees and colleagues. This often happens when Chiropractors travel, usually anywhere from 30 mins-24 hours after you answer the question, “so what do you do for work?”.

It is honestly always a pleasure, the people I have met, friendships made and most of all, lives changed, is just incredible and something I would like to write a lot more about. Anyway, for now, in young Rumi’s case; he had been struggling with a few issues and for a very active boy who was quite/very timid towards me initially. Within 30 seconds of a very gentle Chiropractic adjustment, slowly restoring function and released distortion and tension in his upper spinal cord below the skull, his body completely relaxed, slumped and he fell asleep. The onward effects have been fantastic. Here is Rumi’s Mum Jane’s insight into his story with Chiropractic.

“Rumi had a bit of a tough start to life. He was born in water after quite an intense delivery. He most likely caught an infection during labour. He was exhausted when born and his condition quickly deteriorated. He spent a week in the intensive care unit on antibiotics for a lung infection and possibly meningitis. The doctors weren’t sure he’d make it.

But Rumi is a trooper and within a week he was breastfeeding and we could take him home.

Rumi turned 5 last month. Since birth he has always been the child that picked up every illness and struggled to kick it. He tired quickly, and had an intensity and level of frustration about him. An anger that we didn’t know the origin of.

In hindsight, I think a lot of frustration was from pain from a difficult birth and start to life. After just one adjustment with Tom, Rumi was immediately lighter and brighter and had more energy and less frustration. After two adjustments he was running freely with a scary new amount of energy.

I think he was living with pain that immediately released. It brings tears to my eyes to think about the change in Rumi, and what that change has meant to our family. More relaxed relationships and a calmer home.

For the past year, since his first adjustments with Tom, we’ve noticed that Rumi reverts to his pre-adjustment behaviours – anger, lack of concentration, meanness even – every 2-3 months.

All it takes is a couple of adjustments and our Rumi is back again. Still a 5 year old, but so so different.”

At Human Health in Jersey we see a lot of babies, young children and teenagers. It always surprises us how we so easily think that little ones don’t need looking after because they are ‘young’, they are ‘fine’. This isn’t always true; birth, early infant development and learning to crawl, walk etc all bring their own potential traumas physically, emotionally and biochemically. All of which can create stress and tension in the nervous system, which in turn alters the way our brain controls our body, our hormones and many functions. Our philosophy in health is to be proactive and create the health you wish for for yourself and your family, from birth until death. Surprises and injuries can and will always happen through life, but to promote a free and healthy body and nervous system truly is a key essential for a happy and healthy life. The earlier you can start this the better.

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