New Year Special
Save £30 on your first visit with us

Things to do that don’t involve the TV

  • Listen to a podcast
  • Start a gratitude journal 
  • Bake a healthy treat
  • Decorate cupcakes
  • Clean 
  • Declutter your drawers 
  • Rearrange the furniture 
  • Build a fort – even without kids
  • Make a bucket list with your kids
  • Make lemonade 
  • Create a vision board
  • Do an at home face mask 
  • Learn how to do origami 
  • Start a blog 
  • Journal all of your thoughts 
  • Be brave with recipes, learn to cook using an ingredient you haven’t tried, miso ? 
  • Try meditation 
  • Stretc
  • Read a chapter of a book 
  • Learn something new, there are loads of videos for sign language online
  • Make homemade granola 
  • Make time for exercise 
  • Make homemade pizzas 
  • Take some deep breaths 
  • Get creative
  • Write down your life goals

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