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You are a part of nature

Simply being outdoors gives us a precious break from the stresses and strains of modern life.

Nature in itself is governed by a form of intelligence; a universal intelligence which manages everything from laws of physics, such as gravity, to biological systems and the rhythm and timings of the seasons as they arrive.

This intelligence or ‘cleverness’ also runs through us as humans. However, it gets impacted when our body, structure, mind and central nervous system experience negative change and interference. The less interference in your body and its framework (we call these subluxations), the easier it is for this natural intelligence that runs through your nervous system to flow through your body.

Freeing yourself of subluxations and interference, through chiropractic adjustments and craniopathy, not only gives you more capacity to manage stressors in your life, it gives you a feeling of much more ease, freedom and calm.

Just like nature is a constant process which undergoes stressors, deconstruction and damage, as well as new life and regeneration, your body is identical. Chiropractic is not an event, it’s a process. Long term chiropractic care, as a part of your lifestyle and health habits, supports and facilitates the natural cleverness of your body to work better than if you were not having long term chiropractic care.

The old saying, “nature needs no help just no interference”, is relevant in our environment. We now realise that we need to remove interference such as; plastic, pollution, deforestation etc. Whilst in our bodies it’s more like removing subluxations, toxicity, excessive consumptions of refined foods and deficiencies in movement.

To nurture, truly means to care for, protect and help one develop. If we focus on nurturing as a constant process throughout our lives, both within our body, mind and life’s individually as well as our external environment and educate future generations, what might a future world look like? Would you be proud to have contributed to it?

If you value nature you make very different decisions for your health and that of your family. The clothes you wear, the holidays you go on, the cleaning products, cosmetics and personal hygiene products that you use, the food you eat and medicine you take, are all based on how much you fundamentally value nature.

Chiropractic is the largest and fastest growing, drug free, surgery free, natural health care system in the world and many millions of chiropractic adjustments are applied throughout the world.

What works for nature also works for your body. What harms nature also harms you.

Let’s help you make the rest of 2023 a more natural year.

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