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Just because it’s common doesn’t mean it’s normal. Healthy by design not by chance.

Have you ever heard someone say “you look younger than your age”?

Well, there can be a difference between your chronological age versus your biological age. Someone can be 45 years of age chronologically, but biologically 55 to 65 years old, meaning the function of their body and the way it currently regulates itself is like someone 10-20 years older.

A perfect example is a pressure cooker, when you would want to cook something quickly you would increase the temperature and the pressure.

It’s the same for the human body; if we want to age the cells more quickly we put the body and brain/nervous system in an environment that will increase stress in multiple ways for an extended period of time.

Examples of the types of stress we can put our nervous system under are:

Physical stress

Physical stress to the body such as traumas in the form of accidents, injuries and sleep deprivation.

Biochemical stress

Such as smoking, pollution, alcohol or other toxins on or in the body.

Emotional stress

Such as death of a close family member or friend, divorce, relocating home or relational stress and, last but not least, electromagnetic stress such as radiation.

If our belief about our health is shaped by what is culturally common and not by what is biologically and genetically possible, we end up living under cultural norms that can put our bodies under unnecessary stress.

This can mean we live with health problems that we are told or think are normal, when actually they are not. So what is normal?

Normal is what is naturally, biologically and genetically possible for us as humans. This means we enjoy physical and mental health to a good old age (genetically 100 – 125 years) without disease as our body and nervous system is able regulate and heal itself without interference.

How often do we hear the common phrase “but it’s an illness that runs in the family”? This is just an excuse not to take responsibility for our choices and lifestyle that we often copy from our parents.

Inherited risk of developing an illness can be between 2-40%, so that leaves at least 60-98% up to us and the lifestyles and stresses we choose to live with. 

So, what can we do to fulfil our genetic potential? We can choose to live lifestyles that reduce stress. That includes removing interference from our nervous system, so it a can regulate and heal our bodies appropriately (the goal of our Jersey Chiropractors).

As well as living within the biological parameters that nature has given us, such as sufficient sleep, good quality nutrition, appropriate movement and a positive mental attitude. This gives us the internal and external environment to achieve and fulfil our full potential. 

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