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Nature never wastes 

Living naturally is the most sustainable way to live. Nature never wastes as it’s based on laws of physics that are efficient and sustainable.

A primary law of nature is the law of thermodynamics. Where energy is not created or destroyed but only transferred. 

A good example of this is ice. Ice can melt to form water which can evaporate to form a gas – hydrogen and oxygen. The ice cube may have disappeared but what made up the ice cube has just changed form.

Using this analogy, how we live will either create resistance (stress) against these natural laws of nature expending energy, or work with the laws to conserve energy and therefore utilise this energy in repair and recovery. 

The human body and brain are designed for movement. Moving naturally; walking, running, swimming, squatting or climbing means we are having to work against the resistance of gravity to move.

This is good stress for our muscles, circulation and overall health as well as generating healthy hormones in our brain. Swap this movement for sitting and trying to hold your head up against gravity, looking at a computer screen for extended periods of time which the body and brain are not designed for (bad stress). What do you get as a result – muscle tension and pain, poor circulation and destructive health patterns with no benefit to the brain. 

This is why when we understand that chiropractic respects the laws of nature which are underpinned by physics, it comes down to removing conscious and subconscious interference (stress) from the body and brain, so it can perform at its best.

Conscious influences are the things we have choice in: what we eat, drink and put on or into our body, how we move, how we think and the environmental we chose to live in which includes, pollution from smoke or electromagnetic radiation. 

What we can’t do consciously is test ourselves and perform a specific chiropractic adjustment to remove interference from our nervous system because it runs subconscious in nature.

We are unaware of it until the interference becomes painful. This is where being checked by a Human Health Chiropractor is key, because when your body and brain are checked to detect where there could be interference, it is not our conscious effort that is tested, it is the subconscious feedback pathways and reflexes that are be analysed.

So, when an interference is found, it’s corrected, which help these pathways and reflexes return to their rested and natural state.

When this is done consistently by being regularly checked and adjusted as part of a healthy lifestyle, it gives us the best opportunity for our brain and body to be at its best.

The way Human Health Chiropractic determines it care is one of the most sustainable forms of healthcare.


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