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I am a human being, a whole human.

Our mind and body are one whole. It’s inseparable – brain without our body is pointless and our body without our brain is useless.

The more we collectively understand about the human body as one whole unit, we realise in our effort to gain knowledge we broke the human body down to smaller parts.

Yet, it is in its fullest form, where the uniqueness of the whole human body lies. We are not just a knee or an elbow or a shoulder or a headache or a cavity in a tooth or a blocked artery. 

What gave Martin Luther King the courage to stand for human civil rights, Gandhi, Mandela the list could go on.

As humans as one race on the planet we are valuable, yet that value can’t be broken down in biology books, mathematical equations or held in philosophical texts. Yet so often we live like we need things around us to be happy, when happiness is what comes when we are able to share our experiences and connections with one another.

Having a brain and body that doesn’t have any interference in its communication pathways means we can experience and adapt to life so much more effectively then when we are stressed, full of tension and restricted.

This in term will make us live like we are separate parts in our body or separate individuals is society.  

This is why so much of what Human Health stands for is beyond pain and suffering and trying to point to and show that health is and should be expressed as a human right, and not to except that sickness is normal or reduce the human body to a diagnosis or treatment for pain.

It might be common to be seen that way but it is not normal. The natural human genetic potential is there to give us life not sickness. This is why when we wait for pain, tension or excess stress to define our choices we are making choices from the lowest forms of emotion.

This puts our nervous system in survival mode. We can either live from rest, recovery and healing or stress, fight or flight. In essence the choice is ours by the way we choose to live. A healthy lifestyle makes space and time for rest and recovery.

Chiropractic underpins the principles that allow the body to be healthy. When the body is healthy these choices become easier to make when our body and mind are clear.

At Human Health we work hard to ensure our techniques and protocols are world class and backed by the best science, to be able to keep our brains and bodies communicating clearly and at their best, so we can live sustainably, effectively and perform at our best. 


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