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Redefining Health

A common belief and mind set of being healthy is that you do not have much, or any, pain, symptoms, disease or illness.

Therefore, even if you are on medication for blood pressure, overweight, only sleep 1 hour per night due to emotional stress or have constant aches in your body, but are still able to carry out daily tasks, many people would classify themselves as having good health (even if accompanied with the statement “well…compared to other people anyway”).

At Human Health we don’t believe this at all. We believe that health and happiness are completely correlated. Our focus is on quality of life – both conscious and subconscious.

What we mean by this is; if you consciously think you have a good quality of life, but your blood pressure is through the roof and you get out of breath from walking upstairs, or you have a feeling of anxiety jumping between mild to severe throughout each day/week, or you have pain every time you go and do that hobby you love.

This represents a disconnect between what you consciously think and what your body subconsciously is showing in your health.

You are being held back, or holding yourself back, from the health and therefore happiness and quality of life you are designed to experience. Now if you don’t want a great quality of life for some reason, that is different and completely up to you – it’s your life!

At Human Health we are dedicated to serving people who truly want and are committed to experiencing and supporting themselves and their families with good health, happiness and quality of life, the way we are designed to.

This is what we mean by our slogan ‘Redefining health’ – healthcare and the way we view our bodies is changing around the world.

More than ever, people are becoming increasingly self-aware of their ability to create the health they want and require relative to the life and lifestyle they want to lead. As well as the responsibility to themselves, their family, work, hobbies etc to be around for years to come.

We believe we are defined by our own definition of health. Therefore, for those wanting to experience good health, happiness and quality of life. The most intelligent question to ask is – what is my personal definition of being healthy?

Since 1948 the World Health Organisation (WHO) have defined health as a “state of complete physical, mental, and social wellbeing, and not merely the absence of disease or infirmity” – we think this is pretty fitting to this day.

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