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We can’t do it alone

There is an African proverb that says “it takes a village to raise a child”, it’s referring to community and the roles we each hold.

At Human Health we believe that “it takes a community for us to achieve our full potential and health”. This is because of the design of the human brain for connection and purpose. Both of which are linked to our relationships and the roles we have in our direct community – family, friends and colleagues in our geographical area.

A great principle explained in the book “7 habits of highly effective people” is that we are all born dependent on our parents and the need for their care and affection to grown up and mature in a healthy way.

Once we have gained a certain level of maturity and understand who we are, we will move into a state in our life where we need to gain independence.

This phase allows us  to live and sustain ourselves without the direct responsibility falling on our parents. Once we reach this state there needs to come a final realisation that independence leads to interdependence.

This being the key and underlying principle of the whole blog article. We are designed to function and achieve optimum human health (body and mind) and success when we are interdependent as a community, where we all take responsibility for our actions and how these affect others in our family and community.

True leadership is formed through interdependence where the service of others and the care for their wellbeing is fundamental to quality of life of all in that community.

Personal leadership which starts in independence and should move to interdependence through honesty and integrity it forms a dynamic web where the community thrives and each individual fulfils their greatest potential.

This then helps the community move forward and provides the healthiest environment for families, friendships and ultimately society as a whole to function at its highest potential – healthy and happy humans.

It doesn’t matter who we are, to be alive and breathing on this natural planet we are firstly all human. Second we are either a son or daughter born from two people becoming one in a child. This means we have all had the same start but the difference that comes from here is how we finish the journey.

At Human Health we have the goal to allow every person who enters our doors to recognise they are part of a bigger picture, a community that cares and recognises that no matter where we come from we are all equal and the same; human beings learning and growing on the journey of life to fulfil our highest potential.

Health is a fundamental part of life both physically and mentally. We are on this journey together, we might be in different places on the journey but we are all here to build a community that is interdependent and cares and values those around them.

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