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Nature never does anything artificially. 

When natural healthcare is the most sustainable approach, then one of the biggest issues of our current sickcare system is that for any ‘outside-in’ approach, there is an artificial input with an associated side effect, because the sick care system has waited till the body has gotten so ill before it intervenes. This is known as a closed system.

Anything put into a closed system will always have side effects. The amazing part of chiropractic and the protocols and techniques we use at Human Health is that side effects are so minimal if anything because we don’t add to the body we work with it naturally.

A system that is interfered with by stress whether physical, biochemical, emotionally or electromagnetically means it will compensate to accommodate that stress for a short period of time (which is an intelligent response), but if the stress is sustained for a long period then compensation can become a habit wired in the brain.

This is detrimental to the body as it will keep the body in fight or flight stress mode where healing and recovery are not a priority.

What needs to change to bring the body back to healing and recovery is an internal shift in what’s called the autonomic nervous system from sympathetic (fight or flight), to parasympathetic (rest, digest and recovery).

At Human Health the goal is to keep the body and brain at its optimum in order to allow it to adapt appropriately to stress but return naturally to its rest and recover state. Whereas when this is not the case, the brain will build internal habits that keep it in a stressful state or know as sympathetic dominance to continue to deal with the stress.

When Human Health Chiropractors check and test the brain and body, it’s done to test how well the brain is adapting to inputs to it. Whether the feedback loops or reflexes are appropriate for the inputs tested.

When this is not the case, adjustments are given to remove or release areas that effect these reflexes, thus making sure the brain is at its best to adapt to stress.

Being regularly checked and adjusted means the system doesn’t build its self around stress and unsustainable habits but can reset back to its resting state, in order to recover and run the body appropriately.

Health always comes from the ‘inside-out’, yes in cases of emergency we might need ‘outside-in’ approaches but if your goal is sustainable natural health then the care at Human Health is for you as it’s a brain body approach that is safe, effective and efficient at allowing the brain to stay healthy and run the body well.

When this is connected to a healthy lifestyle it means a great quality of life for everyone that chooses it. 

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