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What role does the spine play?

Now, am I right in saying that you may just view your spine like a set of bones acting as a scaffolding around your spinal chord for protection and movement?

If so, then please let me reintroduce you to the ‘neuro-spinal organ’ that is the direct gateway to the inborn potential within your brain.

Your spine is essentially an organ and is as important to the brain as any other vital organ within the body. Every second thousands of messages as signals travel to, from and through the 24 moveable bones in your spine within nerves which connect your brain to every tissue in your human body. 

This allows for the provision and integrity of movement and function of the various organs and systems within you. Without this constant and high quality conversation between your brain and body, our ability to comprehend ourselves is reduced, our ability to direct our next action and movement is altered and our organs ability to work optimally is decreased.

Throughout our life as humans we commonly experience alterations in this communication through lifestyle choices and traumas in the form of nutritional/emotional/physical toxicities and/or deficiencies which everyday take us further towards sickness.

Since you began as a tiny organism of life in the womb you received toxins from your mothers blood to the drugs, pulling, forceps or cesarean section affects of birth deliveries, to the tumbles ,falls and emotional energy it takes to master sitting, standing and walking in our earliest most fragile years of life. No wonder the terrible twos exist! Into our adolescence the ride continues with injuries, falls and growth changes as we go through a hormonal change which has incredible physical and emotional transformations. All of this before stepping into adult hood where of course things really get going with continued bad postures influenced by technology, travel, pregnancy, weight, the ever increasing array of challenges, responsibilities and life choices.

The most simple and common result of these life stressors to the structure of the human frame throughout life from birth until death are ‘Vertebral Subluxations’ which are dysfunctional/misaligned and restricted spinal segments. Research now shows this creates stressed and unhealthy nerve signals to the brain, changing the brains outward signals back to our body causing altered movement ability (dyskinesia), altered muscle tone (dyspensia) and abnormal organ system changes (dysautonomia). Worst of all, this is happening before or without pain receptors causing any discomfort.

The primary role of Chiropractic is to analyse, locate and correct these ‘Subluxations’ when necessary to facilitate increased communication between the brain and body so it can express and comprehend itself more fully.

Scientifically, specific chiropractic adjustments aim to restore proper spinal movement tailored to the individuals age, size, sensitivity and thus comfort. In my experience, i have never seen anything improve and restore human comfort and function then an adjustment which is why I love working with people of all ages from newborn babies to those in their nineties from all walks of life.

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