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Recover in the New Year

Why do we all think that the road to success is the same road that goes to burn out city?

We have deceived ourselves into thinking that we need to lose life in order to reach our goals. We all do too much, try too hard, keep too busy and then get frustrated when our short sprint to success ends in a mental, physical and emotional crash. 

True growth and success are always sustainable. Every time we succeed we should be left feeling stronger and more capable, not weaker and permanently damaged.

If you think that you are burning out on your road to success, then you are doing it wrong and you are not recovering from your daily life. 

You need to be able to recover from certain things in your life.  Work and people are the typical two we over do, or over indulge in and tend to need recovery from. 


The human population suffers with “not being able to switch off”. We struggle to detach ourselves after work because we are so readily available for our work demands. Do you take phone calls at home? Read emails before dinner? Reply before bed?

When you do this your minds starts to associate your tranquil home environment with your stimulant heavy work environment and stress. One must recover from work by psychologically detaching. True detachment is when you completely refrain from work related activities and thoughts when not at work. 

Psychologists explain that proper work detachment is essential for your mental health, work performance, marital satisfaction and sleep. If you are at work, be focused and mentally present. When you go home, detach yourself and be focused and mentally present in the other areas of your life.

If you cannot switch off from work, then you are only half present in other areas. Half listening, half giving and half living and we all know that giving half to anything never works. 


Alone time doesn’t mean lonely. Being “alone” is something that the modern generation is struggling with. We need to understand that it is healthy to have some time to yourself or some time to naturally unwind from company.

This is a time where we can collect our own thoughts and be fully present in our mind and in our body. Finding time is normally the excuse but time can always be made. All it takes is 1 minute, by yourself where you can breathe, reconnect and be present.

If you take this principle seriously then you will find time and soon enough you will notice how it changes your mentality, your work performance and the attention you give to other people in your life.

If you cannot take time for yourself then you won’t be able to fully give time to others. 

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